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Party Nuts- Manufacturers & Exporters of Dry-Roasted & Flavored Cashews Party Nuts- Manufacturers & Exporters of Dry-Roasted & Flavored Cashews Enjoy with someone Special!
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About Shivam Party Nuts

To whom doesn't the rich creamy taste of cashews appeal?
It's taste coupled with it's unique shape assures it remains an irresistable favourite snack of everyone for lifelong after having tasted it in childhood for the first time.

This love of cashews and having lots of them to deal with lead the promoter of M/s Shiva Agro Exports, Sunny Gulati a qualified mechanical engineer to begin Cashew Processing in the coastal belt near Mumbai, in the year 2001.

As one who believed that variety is the spice of life and every day is different from the other so why not extend the savoury taste of cashews to beyond our limits of imagination,why not taste cashews with may be, some Salt....or some Chilli.... or some Honey... and so on and in the process discover a new joy with every new flavour.

Processing and Flavouring

M/s Shiva Agro Exports,procures its raw nuts from the rich western coastal belt of India which is famous worldwide for the sweetest available cashews. The raw cashews after being selected carefully are processed at our own plant situated at Wada, District Thane. 90 Kms from Mumbai.

The unit employs no child labour.

The processed nuts are then flavoured using the dry roasted process specially prepared by us, which uses NO OIL, NO COLOUR, NO ESSENCE, OR ARTIFICIAL FLAVOUR.

Only Natural Ingridients or pure fruit juices/powders are used to give a mouthwatering taste and great looking ZERO CHOLESTEROL NUTS. As processing and value addition happens in our own plant, quality is well taken care off.


The flavoured cashews are sold under the registered brand name SHIVAM PARTY NUTS from the two exclusive outlets both named "CASHEW SHOPPEE", one situated at the factory in Wada and the other at Thane.

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